What is a “student learning success statement”?

What is a "student learning success statement"?

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What is a student learning success statement? In the last ten years or so, the value of learning has increased at colleges and Universities by an exponential effect. New technologies, like the Smart Board and computers, have made our lives easier. This is great; but how can a student really know what is best for them? The Smart Board and computers may not even be the beginning of the changes in teaching methods that are necessary for students to learn their craft.

One important tool in teaching students is the “Learning Success Statement”. There are many different types of student success statements available online. These are designed for use as teaching tools, so it should be quite simple to find one that fits your student and their learning style. Here are a few examples of what a student learning success statement might include:

The first thing you must remember when designing your “Learning Success Statement” is that it is just a statement. It does not have to include every single achievement that is recorded on the Smart Board. Some of these might include academic, social, sports and service accomplishments. The learning attributes that your student has identified as being most important will be those that will be reflected here.

There should be several goals listed under each of the sections that make up the Learning Success Statement. The key is to make sure that you are focusing on the areas that your student is struggling with the most. If your student wants to learn computer skills, they should be included under computer skills. If the student is not sure what they want to do with college, they could be listed under community arts. By making sure that the Learning Success Statement addresses the overall learning goals of the students, you are ensuring that they are the ones creating true progress on the Smart Board.

Once the basic understanding is laid out, the next step is to provide a timeline outlining the courses that the students wish to take. These should be specified clearly and in order. You should also want to include any extra information that is relevant to the goals that you laid out in the beginning of the semester. For instance, you could indicate if the student plans on taking chemistry, organic chemistry, biology or physics. At this point, the students would want to know what the expected end result will be.

Finally, you need to add some personal goals into what is a student learning success statement. This can be things like helping to improve the world, setting goals for yourself and others and anything else that inspires you. You should also want to add something that is motivational and shows your student how much they mean to you. At the end of it all, the statement is a way for you to motivate and inspire your student.


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